30 Best Gym Marketing Campaigns in Canada for 2022

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

Fitness Studios worldwide have seen a hard time in 2020, but determined and consistent gyms have maintained and scaled their enterprises even in these times. Statistics say that the gym and fitness club industry’s market size in 2020 was over 4.3 billion US dollars.

Have you also grown your fitness business in 2021? If not, then it’s time to work again on your fitness marketing strategies and scale your business in 2022. Our team at Konnectme has compiled expert fitness marketing strategies from across the globe for you.

The basic ideas and tactics such as branding, customer retention, effective content marketing remain the same. However, we also have alternative plans for the New Year to further pace with the advancing business technologies and requirements.

Here are the 30 best Gym Marketing Campaigns in Canada for the year 2022:

1. Build Your Data Collection Strategy ASAP:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

Gym owners must prepare to collect data themselves now, because third-party cookies are no more going to do that for anyone. Yes, you heard it right. The end of third-party cookies is expected to occur in 2021. Now we have to bid farewell to third-party cookies like Google, Firefox, and Apple will end them soon.

Should we worry? Not because we have to find solutions to keep our businesses running. From now on, not only do you have to get comfortable with privacy-first data collection practices, but you also start working on getting your user’s consent to collect and leverage their data.

You need to ask for their permission and get to know their interests. So, start building your data collection methods.

2. Use Automated Bidding:

Say goodbye to manual bidding. Reach more potential fitness prospects using the latest technology–automated bidding. Smart bidding from google ads will be doing your fitness marketing for you. To actively set real-time and auction level adjustments, automated bidding uses machine learning, generating many times better results than manual bidding.

Employing the right bid strategy according to your fitness studio business needs, you can leverage automated bidding to achieve set goals. You want to attain a specific return on an ad spend (ROAS) or decrease your cost per acquisition (CPA), whatever is that, set your goal, go for the right bidding strategy and then wait before finally running a performance analysis.

3. Build A User-Friendly Website:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

The first impression is the last. The same goes for your fitness studio website. If your website is not user-friendly or easy-to-navigate, it’s going to leave a forever lousy impression on the prospects; however, much good are your services! Not only that, if you have a well-built website, it can still create problems if you are not providing complete information to your clients or not updating your website from time to time.

Our team at Konnectme suggests investing money in a simple, fast, and easy-to-use website by hiring a website developer as part of your fitness studio marketing strategy Once implanted, your money will keep scaling your enterprise not on search engines and attract visitors and potential customers!

4. Retain Current Customers:

We all know that getting your current gym members to stay is way easier than getting a new member. That’s because your existing customers know better the value of your services, your rates, and your customer support. So why not invest in a proper Gym Marketing Campaigns in Canada so you can keep your gym members happy?

Customer retention is employing strategies to keep your hard-earned members satisfied and provide them with a better customer experience. You can assess your customer retention rate using these metrics: Repeat customer rate, average order value (AOV), and purchase frequency.

5. Analyze and Optimize Your Gym Marketing Campaigns:

Analyzing which marketing channels will prove useful while working on getting users to your website is considered essential. In Canada, social media advertising is crazily employed because of its brilliant outcome; for example, the mobile ad spend is estimated to grow from 1.26 in 2019 to 1.72 billion US dollars in 2024. Identify which campaigns are generating the most leads. Google analytics can be your mentor in helping you track your gym marketing campaigns.

Set goals and follow them. Your investments will only be worth it if you consider paying heed to these campaigns’ performance and output. Whenever you try new a new fitness studio digital marketing strategy idea, you can check their effectiveness on Google analytics and find out return-on-investment (ROI). To each link you send on social media, attach UTM tags. Afterward, you can track your goal and see your achievements.

6. Grow Your Gym Community:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

A successful Gym Marketing Campaign in Canada and throughout the world has a lot to do with your brand’s image and mission. If you have presented them clearly to the audience, it will help you grow your gym studio community. Our team at konnectme gym digital marketing advises fitness studios around the world to foster communities of their brands.

Engaging with your members through transparency and humility will be the brand’s goal in 2021. Gym and fitness studios can work on growing their communities through social media, interacting with them, and building an image of your gym. You can follow renowned public figures, gym trainers, dietitians, and other clubs. Our team at konnectme will strongly help you at this part of fitness branding so you can establish yourself as a trusted name in the fitness market and build a strong physical and online community. 

7. Send Email Newsletters:

Email marketing has the potential to keep your gym members engaged, and the prospects get to know about you. You can send your customers any new updates, blog posts, services, or goodwill messages. To get conversion through these emails, you must include Call to Action (CTA) in them.

Like discounts on gym memberships–register yourself today, a sign for getting daily fitness advice from experts. You know it better! You can pique their interest with your daily well–written blogs on fitness. Whatever updates you have, let email marketing foster your business for you in 2021.

8. Prepare For Google’s Updates:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

Google keeps updating SEO strategies. So staying updated and preparing for them beforehand can be useful in the long run. For example, an upcoming Google update is that of core web vitals–a new metric that will be analyzing your webpage’s load time, interactivity, and user experience.

This new metric will be affecting your site SEO ranking. We have already discussed that a user-friendly website is essential for all businesses. It includes gyms, but now, such a website is necessary than ever before. Fitness studios need to work on their websites and ensure a better visitor experience for them.

9. Sell On Social Media:

Do you think you are targeting your potential audience on social platforms throughout the day? Canadians love social media. According to statistics, by 2025, more than 80% of the Canadian population will embrace social media!

Social media platforms are a great way to target your potential customers. Fitness studio marketing strategies in Canada demands you to sell on social media. Social commerce is the new burgeoning trend with considerable business growth opportunities.

Facebook users are now provided with the option to shop directly on Facebook. In-app shopping will be the biggest market in 2021 because people are more on social media today than ever before. Shorten their journey from search to purchase leveraging your in-app shopping services.

Let all the fitness lovers reach your services and gym details to interact with you and finally convert into a customer. Moreover, try optimizing user’s experience on your social media pages by your customer support and around the clock availability. 

10. Local SEO is one of the best Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies:

When people search for a business online, 72% of the time, they will be visiting them within 24 hours. Only SEO can help rank your fitness studio website on Google’s first page. Fitness studio marketing in Canada employs local SEO.

In our case, Canadians can be searching for “gyms near me,” “fitness studio near me,” or “gyms in Ontario.” So, have you met all the requirements to rank on their SERPs? If not, this is going to be your goal from now on! For local SEO, you need to mention these local keywords in your website pages, maintain a constant NAP (name, address, and phone number), and generate authoritative citations.

A fitness studio can also consider getting Google My Business Page. This page will display the location and details of your fitness studio, so whenever locals are searching for “gyms near me,” you are on the front page!

11. Embrace Video Content as part of your Gym Marketing Campaign.

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

People are more interested in watching you than reading your brand content all over your platforms. Let them watch and decide to choose you. Video marketing is by far the most effective strategy to foster your business in 2021.

A video provides an outlook of the gym infrastructure and management and the environment you have. Record small videos of workout sessions of yoga, martial arts, routine workouts and share them on your social media pages.

 If you conduct events in your gym, it will be better to make animated videos and share them. Your fitness marketing in Canada will foster many times when people will get to know the community you have at your studio and the fun environment you maintain there.

12. Gain The Trust Of Your Gym Members:

What is the thing that would build the trust of future customers in your gym services? Indeed, there are many, but one of them is the REVIEWS on your website and social media platforms. Only a good customer experience will generate a good customer response.

with Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies, there’s no rocket science. Get your customers to give their reviews as videos, photos, testimonials, and narratives to create your brand story. This way, you can leverage your content marketing at a low rate and get long-lasting results.

Suppose you are meeting your current gym members’ needs and keeping pace with advancing technologies meant to ease their tasks and interact with them to get ideas to better your services. In that case, you are very likely to get excellent reviews on your representative platforms.

You can employ this simple fitness marketing strategy to boost your sales and build your customer’s trust and faith in your studio and services. Our team at Konnectme provides you effective techniques to promote your business.

13. Optimize for speech-to-text

Voice search is going to be used by people more frequently in the coming years. We saw it in the pandemic when people turned to voice search while working from home.

The main thing associated with voice search is the increasing usage of longer keywords; here comes the SEO part. Gyms and fitness studios should consider optimizing for voice search and longer keywords that people can be used while searching for a gym near them, online fitness sessions, or gym products.

Recent research says that approximately 22% of the web users opt for voice search for getting details of local businesses. Make sure that your website is optimized for speech-to-text as part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns.

14. Create Challenges And Meal Plans:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

It is the era of social media, and challenges on social media target an insanely large audience. And what if these challenges went viral? People want to join them, no matter what brand or agency is promoting them.

You can create a 15-day or a 30-day weight loss challenge on social media and get a crazy number of people joining the challenge. Furthermore, you can provide online personal trainer guidance or a fitness expert consultancy with a fee to help these people complete the challenge.

 Your trainer and experts will be providing meal plans and exercise routines to such individuals. Create online registration and simple checkout pages to enrol as many participants as you can. This simple strategy will not build a powerful image but can also generate good revenue through online customers.

15. Provide Solutions To Prospects:

Finding out what fitness lovers around you are looking for and targeting their needs by providing solutions can be an effective marketing strategy. If you used keyword research and tools such as Facebook insights, you could find out what gym members or prospects are looking for? Maybe they are looking for gyms with flexible schedules, or they can be looking at your martial arts studio for their kids?

Whatever is that, using the right approach and tools to find your customer’s or prospect’s needs and analyzing the search volume, you can come up with a solution to their problems. After finding out the problem, you can run relevant ads through social media or other platforms, with titles addressing their concerns. “Master Martial arts classes for kids in Ontario” and “Gym Anytime – 24/7 open”. Providing solutions can bring you potential customers and generate leads for you.

16. Create A Fitness Blog:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

One of the many Gym Marketing Campaigns in Canada is creating a fitness blog that addresses your gym members and all the prospects so you can present a better image of your gym to them. Covering various topics such as the right fitness routine, right gym equipment, daily meal plan for weight loss, and practical exercises to do at home, you can target many fitness freaks.

 In this way, you can talk to a wider audience through your blog. Running a blog, indeed, demands patience, as in the very start, it won’t be getting many visitors. But with consistency and the right approach, it can not only market your fitness studio but also generate you a good profit for the long-term–becoming a source of a passive income! Make sure you incorporate blogging as part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns.

17. Appreciate The Hard-Work:

We have discussed earlier that keeping the current gym members happy must be your priority as they help you get better profits. Working on enhancing their experience at your gym creates better chances of turning them into your long-term customers. Appreciate the hard-working members of your gym to make them realize that you care for them and want to see them ahead of the pack.

You can create a “member of the week or month award” and feature the winners on your website and social media platforms. Not only will it arise a will in them to compete and train in a super-challenging environment, but also it will attract many prospects on social media, converting them into customers. This Gym Marketing Campaign will also help you build your member’s trust in you and your services, thus a very effective method for customer retention.

18. Interact Through Social Events:

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

One of the most productive ways to grow your community at your fitness studio and let outsiders know about you is by hosting social events. Arrange parties at your studio celebrating the club’s anniversary, the decade of excellence, or Christmas parties.

Tell all your members to invite their friends and join the event. That way, you can not only provide your current customers a chance to enjoy themselves but also let prospects see your environment and show their interest in your fitness studio.

You can also offer a free yoga fitness class in your yoga studio in Ontario or any other area to distribute brochures, send email newsletters, and post on social media to reach as many people as you can.

Our team at Konnectme has provided you 18 fitness studio marketing strategies to grow your gym business not only in Canada but in any part of the world to fulfil the consistent SEO and customer demands. Keep growing!

19. Create a 1-Year long Email campaign to create predictive flow of incoming new leads.

Through a recent study of gym member cancellations, we found that most people cancel not because of moving but because they don’t get enough staff- member interaction.
One of the best ways to keep in touch with your members is through sending email newsletters every week or month, which contains pictures, videos, and exciting content.

It is not to ignore that getting consent from the member for sending the newsletter is essential unless the reader has opted already into your list Creating an email newsletter is the best fitness marketing strategy solution to help you gain more leads and keep your members. Email is one of the best ways to get in touch with people who are looking for a gym.

Automated Email Campaigns is an excellent and an efficient way to promote your gym and gain consistent yet predictable influx of “come backs” and referrals. Konnectme will help you set up custom emails to your members and leads to keep your gym on the top of their minds. Konnectme will help you send regular emails to your audience weekly, and keep your social media stories, videos, and photos updated regularly. We make sure that drip campaigns are a part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns.

20. Create Monthly Attractive Offers for Prospects and Members

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

Creating new offers every month for your gym will help you create consistent lead flow for members because of “Creating Urgency”. Creating urgency will push leads and members to take the leap and have a “buy now” mentality. You can provide limited time discounts on the member dues, enrolment fees, or perhaps creating a 12 week transformation contest for your personal training clients. Konnectme will help you create interesting online advertising for your gym to create more leads.

21. Gym Marketing Campaigns: Create a Social Media Plan

Social Media Marketing for your gym is something you cannot ignore. If you want to create a powerful bond with your gym members, you need social media content that gives your audience value to following you. Making the right social media presence can help a business grow, but this can happen after the company develops a large following and learns how to give the audience what they want.

The critical thing with Social Media Presence for your Gym is the same as Search engine optimization techniques, which are using the right KEYWORDS. As a gym owner, focus on interacting on your social media account often. This does not mean throwing up any random post on Facebook.

It means you should respond to posts from audiences and show some interest. A well put social media marketing strategy can allow you to bond with your gym members and the community. It will show how great your gym’s culture is, and will attract like-minded people no matter how far they are. Konnectme finds that Facebook or Instagram are the best social media platforms for marketing your gym or fitness studio, and konnectme will be happy to help you create a strategical social media plan that speaks to your specific demographic.

22. Organize Fitness Webinars

Multimedia has significant power in online marketing. Fitness Webinars can also be a lead capture tool. By organising a fitness webinar, you can position you and your company to be the expert in your field.

When you host a fitness webinar or seminar, the webinar must be impactful enough for your watcher, so you need to make sure that your webinar brings in enough value and information to help your watcher. Webinars are recommended for gyms that have a lot of competition within the 30 km radius. You can describe the amenities that your fitness facility offers and the services you and your personal trainers can give to your members.

When Konnectme creates your fitness marketing strategy, we will do an “audience and demographic research.” This research will tell you what your local audience is searching for. As an example: if you search: “Konnectme Gym marketing strategy in Canada.” We make sure that our website shows up first. Konnectme will do the same thing for you.

23. Focus on Google My Business

google maps for your gym

Recent research says that most business gain 33% of their web leads from google my business. All you need For Google My Business is to have a Gmail account. After that, you can sign up by entering your gym name, address, and phone number in Google My Business. Once your business shows in the Google My Business page, people will start listening about your gym from google. This is one of the best ways to gain more leads online, so do not miss this one and make sure that it is a part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns.

Click here to learn how to register your business on google maps

24. Offer Free Nutrition or Diet Plan

Most people want to join the gym because of their fatness. They want to reduce their weight and convert the body in proper shape. What about if you use their need as a part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns. How is it possible? Let us tell you. You can offer them a free nutrition or diet plan. But the condition is you will provide them if they enrol in your gym or fitness studio. Trust us, the free diet or nutrition plan will attract lots of people towards your gym. If you would like to read more on how to offer a free nutrition or diet plan: please click below.

Fitness Marketing Plan: How to attract more clients with a free nutrition and Training Plan

25. Hire Fitness Influencer for Advertisement

With the increased number of people using the internet every hour, be it for work or entertainment, we can surely say that your fitness business has its chance to grow digitally.

You need to showcase your business online and promote your gym by partnering up with an influencer. An Influencer is a person who has an impressive number of followers on his/her profile. The social media influencers are the best for the promotion. We would recommend you go for the Instagram influencers as part of your Fitness studio Marketing Strategies.

It is obvious: you can find a massive community on Instagram, and Instagram is the best platform for business promotion. You should see an influencer who is related to fitness or gym. Contact the influencer, and deal with him/her about the advertising and charges. We would recommend you deal on the commission per member.

26. Use Customer Testimonial Videos as part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns.

Gym Testimonial Video Script

Do you know that the videos attract 83% of the people on the internet? If you add the videos on your gym website, then you can gain more potential customers. The question is, how? You can ask your current gym member to shoot a video in which he/she will describe your services, the environment of the gym, and give a positive review in the video. This is how new visitors will trust you and think about enrolling in your gym.

To read more, visit: https://fitnessstudiomarketing.ca/gym-testimonial-video-script/

27. Offer Your Members a chance to give you a Google Review

The positive review of your gym business in Google My Business Page will boost the reputation of your gym. The newcomer will always go to the gym that has more positive reviews. So think about getting positive reviews from your current gym members. You can request all your gym members to review your gym on Google, and in return, you will give them a prize. The prize can be supplements, gym T-shirts or trousers.

28. Identify your Internet Marketing Gaps to know what is missing in your Fitness Studio Marketing Strategy

Gym Digital Marketing Checklist

It can be tremendously frustrating trying to figure out how to get more Gym Memberships and Personal Training clients from the Internet with so many approaches (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Pay-Per-Lead) and various providers calling you every day offering you the next best thing. What do you do, what order do you do it in, and who do you trust? Over the years working with many Gym Companies and fitness Studio owners, reviewing thousands of websites, and publishing our EGuide- “Digital Marketing Guide For Your Gym” we have discovered the key elements of a successful digital marketing guide for gym and we’ve boiled it down to a simple checklist. This checklist will help you identify what is missing from your current Fitness Digital Marketing Strategies and what you must focus on next to take your company to the next level.

29. One of the top Gym Marketing Campaigns: Creating a Social Media Pay Per Click Plan

Gym Social Media Pay Per Click 1

Lots of gym owners make a scattered approach to digital marketing. Their social media content remains uncoordinated, and thus, they cannot reach their goals. Your gym center offers different packages and training classes to trainees. For instance, you will help your members with treadmill running, yoga class, cardio workouts, and weight training. While posting on social media, you need to inform how these fitness trainings are effective for members.  

Moreover, you may post the content, maintaining a schedule. A highly organized marketing program will give you the best outcome. Some gym business owners claim that it is a hassle to manage social media ads and regular posting activities.

However, to remove your stress, you can rely on Konnectme Canadian Digital Marketing agency for your gym and fitness center. A one-year marketing scheme can make a difference in your business revenues. Professionals will create highly researched, keyword-based content for your social media content. Moreover, they will automate the content posting schedule, and therefore, you can keep away from the stress of social media advertising campaign management.

The best fact is that there is no need to do different social media activities manually. Professional marketers use reliable social media management tools to schedule the content posting and tracking process. Hence, it is less time-consuming and alleviates your stresses for marketing. Now, you can look for dedicated marketers to attract target audiences from social networking platforms. 

To Read more about why you should advertise on payperclick for your gym, check out our blog

30. Create Automated monthly attractive offers for prospects and members

Gym Digital Marketing Blogs

Lead follow-up is one of the major issues for fitness studios. With regular follow-up, gym centres can find enormous opportunities to make deals. Moreover, they can find a positive effect on sales performance with proper follow-ups. Lead follow-up is an essential part of your Gym Marketing Campaigns. Leads that remain unconnected from your team will never be back to your gym center. They can lose interest in your services. Thus, engage your marketing team to communicate with potential customers. Fitness centres choose several ways (like phone and email) for the follow-up. However, we think that email is the best option to interact with your prospects. Automated email marketing systems make your task easier.

You can send emails to your customers, website visitors, subscribers, and anyone who wants to know about your gym center. Your personalized emails, along with attractive offers, will make the recipient feel special. Moreover, you may learn about the anticipation of your potential clients. A follow-up program is one a way of providing customer service. Therefore, to increase the number of members in your gym club, you may invest in email follow-up solutions. With your continuous efforts, you will find the best result.

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