Reputation Management For Gyms

It’s no secret that your online reputation (namely, reviews) can make or break your gym’s online branding. This is particularly true for fitness studios. When people are signing up for 1-2 years of a membership, your gym need to be seen as trustworthy.

reputation management for gyms

Google Reviews

Google Reviews is an easy way to get reviews from Google. Most people use google to read reviews so our gym reputation management focuses on building your gym’s google reviews.

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Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews allow you to build your gym’s brand more by targeting individuals of any specific demographic.


Other platforms.

Depending where your gym is at in Canada. If your area uses other platforms like yelp more than Facebook or google, then we also focus on that.

How to take control of your online reputation To Get More Members

It goes to show how crucial positive reviews are to your gym! But getting reviews is only half the battle. You have to reply to them.

Responding to both positive and negative reviews is important for Two key reasons:
1. Shows customers you care.
​2. Lets potential customers know if anything ever goes wrong that you will be there to fix it.

What to Expect From Our Gym Reputation Management

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Our team will constantly look at new reviews to see if they are positive or negative. Then also notify you if it needs your attention.

Skyrocket the number of reviews.

As part of our campaigns, we will incorporate our review growth strategy to make sure you have a steady stream of new positive reviews.

Respond to all of your reviews

Responding to positive or negative reviews ensures that your customer service is at the highest capacity. 

Showcase your best reviews.

We handpick the best reviews from any platform and show them on your website so you can build more reputation with your brand.

Everything starts with a Strategy Call

Need some help with implementation?

When you are ready to have someone manage your pay per click, schedule a session with us so we can come up with can create you a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, sales and profits. We will do the following for you:

  1. Review Your SEO, Speed and Linking. 
  2. Run a Ranking Report.  
  3. Build a Gym Member Keyword List. 
  4. Review Your Website Conversion. 
  5. Local Internet Marketing Plan.

Let us help you gain more Members and Personal Training Clients.

Konnectme’s Fitness Studio Marketing Canada is an agency that serves Digital Marketing to Canadian Gyms and Fitness Studios. We provide a full solution of all of your Gym Reputation Management Needs. We aim to be your #1 Marketing Agency for Fitness Studios and Gyms in Canada. Let us help you gain more membership and personal training leads.