The fitness industry has really become highly competitive in the past few years. Thankfully, digital marketing using Automated Gym Campaigns has made it somewhat easier for gym centers to find new leads and customers. Still, gym club owners cannot fully solve one issue. What do gym owners want? They usually say- We Need More Members. Maybe you have been successful in gaining leads and customers. Still, you cannot retain them, or may have a lead to member conversion ratio. Our Team at Konnectme did a study regarding Cancellations and Lead Conversions and found 2 interesting information that will drastically help your fitness business.

Case Study #1 Lower your Cancellations by using Automated Gym Campaigns

Case Study # 1 IHRSA However, did a study about cancellations and concluded that:   “members at risk of cancelling who received a “successful commitment interaction” were 45% less likely to cancel in the subsequent month” According to this, that the reason for your high cancellation rate, and failure to convert leads is that you may have overlooked consistent follow-ups to your members and prospects. Regular follow-ups or an Automated Gym Campaigns can be the best way for increasing your retention, referrals and lead conversion, and today we will look at strategies to keep your members, and look at how we can automate it..

Case Study #2 It takes up to 13 Contacts to convert a lead to an appointment

Case Study #2 Your target is to attract the lead and persuade them to sign up for a gym membership package or personal training package. To accomplish this goal, you need a continuous follow-up program. Only one follow-up email may not give you the desired result. From our study, we found that your gym marketing or sales team has to follow up on your leads at least 6 to 13 times. Then, they can find a chance to convince them to subscribe to fitness services..

Gym Email Marketing: 1 on 1 emails, Drip Campaigns, and Auto Responders

Automated Gym Campaigns

We can’t deny the fact that email is considered one of the prevailing marketing sources in every sector in routine life.  But which one is more effective? 1 on 1 email marketing or Drip Campaigns? The answer: ALL OF THEM COMBINED.

1 on 1 Email Marketing: only use 1 on 1 email marketing for hot, and warm leads to save time.

When you make 1 on 1 email marketing, they are most likely made in such a way that they are less likely to go to spam. Your delivery statistic however at some point might be strong, but the emails that you send can get ignored because of lack of customer’s interest. It is so much important to construct a connection with the audience so that it can make sure that the customers will read what the email has to say as they are more personable. For this reason, Direct 1 on 1 email marketing should only be used as a sales tool to follow up with leads who are new. It is very easy to make people sign up for a free pass or a tour, but the truth is many of the receivers neglect the free pass as it may take 13 times for them to finally listen to you.

Drip Campaigns: Use Them to Re-target Older Leads and Keep Members

An automated drip email campaign is the marketing message sent by your gym to all prospects using a pre-determined sequence. This tool is 2nd most crucial prospecting tool / campaign for any gym owners. This allows your gym to nurture an overwhelming number of missed or older leads with very effort. Most Gym owners are unaware of the fact that a soundly created drip campaign gets you the best bang for your buck when re-targeting older leads! Drip emailing possesses the advantage of tailoring email templates to a marketing message. As Drip Campaigns are automated, the bulk emails do not require intervention, which benefits the internal sales team and progressively increases brand awareness by adding 1 more contact into the “13 contacts” that it may take to convert a lead into a member.

Addition to that; Drip Campaigns are great to help you keep your members. As IHRSA said: ““members at risk of cancelling who received a “successful commitment interaction” were 45% less likely to cancel in the subsequent month” It is a great idea to create a monthly newsletter to send to your members so you can keep them engaged throughout the year which will make them less likely to quit.

Auto Responders: Use Them for Newer Prospects to save time with prospecting

Just like the automated drip email campaign, Auto Responders is the marketing message sent by your gym to all newer prospects using a pre-determined sequence, but is used to respond to Newer leads which can be categorized as hot, or warm leads. This tool is one of the most crucial prospecting tool / campaign for any gym owners. This allows the Gym owner to make sure that a lead has a higher chance to show up for their appointment with very low effort.

Drafting the best follow-up / Automated Gym Campaigns

To make your automated gym campaigns successful, we have a few tricks for you.

Automated Gym Campaigns Tool and Creation.

It is difficult to send emails manually to thousands of leads to your fitness facility or studio. Thus, the smartest option for you is to automate your marketing campaigns. At Konnectme, we analyze your past sales to identify high, medium and low seasons, then we analyze your market and demographic to see who your audience are, then using we create a 1 year worth of Automated Text, Email, and Newsletters that is approved by you. We make sure that we deliver personalized emails to several prospects. To attract prospects towards joining your gym center.

Other than Personal Training and Membership, we also know that the fitness industry may have different types of follow-ups needed such us: Referral, Feedbacks, Reviews, Testimonials, Birthday and Holidays. We focus on building your gym’s relationships with its current and potential members and build your Gym’s brand to be the go to fitness centre in your area.

Book a Strategy Call– A call to talk about improving your current strategies.

When you are finally ready to scale your gym by improving your digital marketing, Book a strategy call with us, so we can come up with a custom-tailored plan to generate more leads, sales and profits. Our team of trained online marketing experts and I will do the following for you:

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