Fitness Marketing Plan: How to attract more clients with a free nutrition and Training Plan

fitness Marketing Plan

Do you have a big chain of fitness centres? Do you intend to set up a small local gym club? Whatever be the status and size of your business, you need some marketing campaign for new member acquisition. You may have created your fitness digital marketing plan to increase your revenues. However, what is the most common way of promoting your gym club? You may have created a website and started SEO to increase your website visibility. But there are other ways of attracting several new customers to your platform.

You know that everyone looks for some free stuff from favourite brands. It is also applicable to businesses in the fitness industry. Thus, you can offer a free introductory nutrition and training plan to your potential clients. It is the best trick for increasing personal training clients for your business.

Fitness digital marketing plan- Why offer a free personal training guide?

Your prospects may have a range of goals. Some of them look for nutritional tips, while others need a guide for physical workouts. However, the ultimate target of these individuals is fitness. 

Most of these prospects look for the free fitness consultation service before paying something to their training. Hence, they will surely get benefit from your free introductory training on fitness and nutrition. When you search for the best gym marketing ideas, you can apply the trick of providing free service. You can attract lots of newcomers to your gym club.

Free nutritional guide and fitness training- The best fitness digital marketing plan

Beginners are always interested in free training solutions. However, how does this introductory session of your gym trainers will help novices?

Educational value

If you provide free instruction, you will present your potential clients with some basic details. Your target clients will learn how your gym training services help them hit their fitness goals. They will know the importance of creating a fitness routine.

Learn the reason for hiring personal trainers

While providing a free introductory training solution, you need to clarify how your trainers help every member with individual consultation. You may also mention some fundamental details of your nutrition and training plan. Moreover, let your target audience understand how your professionals create an effective diet chart for every client.

How long should the free nutrition guide be?

It is essential to continue your introductory nutrition guide for 21 days. Some gym owners choose only one-week free training for their potential clients. However, to transform those prospects into premium members of your fitness club, you need to host a 21-day program. If you keep providing free training for a longer period, you may encourage them to join your gym center.

Nevertheless, during the free session, you can offer tips that are acceptable to everyone. You need to mention that customized solutions are available for premium members.

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