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We are always looking for people who have the qualities we call  “H.I.T.T.E.R”

We Don't Just Take Anyone..

You are expected to be a leader

Being with us means that you will be with us long term and that you are expected to be a leader in one of our departments. 

For that reason, every applicant goes through a very rigorous interview.
We have to determine if you are a great fit for our company and
make sure you are a H.I.T.T.E.R 

Are you a


We take being honest and transparent on a whole different level. We are transparent to all of our clients and so should you. 


With technology changing every hour, Innovation is our key to success. We look for people who can innovate and adapt. 


Any task can be hard and frustrating at times, so we expect you to help us find a way to solve a problem.

Team Player

Projects are not done by 1 person, but by multiple. We look for potential leaders in our team.


One of our goals is to do a better job than what is expected. We always leave a project better than we started.


Working on projects means working with due dates. So you need to be responsible and responsive.

Fitness Digital Marketing Jobs / Opportunities

Careers at Konnectme

Website Designer

Designing a website is fun. You get to create an online platform for our clients and make sure that it is integrated with their billing software.

SEO Manager

Main purpose: From optimizing our client's websites and ours. We are looking for someone to take care of all backlinks, local directory listings and making sure all blogs are optimized up to standards.


Looking to gain experience or a work placement? We always value your fresh ideas while we give you the experience you need to succeed in your career.

Graphic Designer

If you are creative, we would love to have you create, edit, and come up with new graphics for our agency and clients.

Project Manager

You are responsible with managing all backend project associated positions, including assisting with client’ monthly reporting to be communicated to the sales team.

Social Media Manager

If you love social media, we would love to have you create, edit, and come up with a new post for our agency and clients.

Sales Associate / Account Manager

You will assist a prospective client from prospecting, pre-qualifying, setting an appointment, doing a presentation and following up.

Content Creator

If you are creative with your words, we would love to have you create and edit blogs, website content and audit some content.

Pay Per Click and Ad Manager

You will assist a client with setting up ads in all sorts of internet platforms such as google, facebook and instagram.

Partnership Proposals

Have a business or an idea you want to implement? send us your proposal and let's discuss.

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