Fitness Studio Email Marketing

IHRSA who helps health club owners & operators build & run the best clubs in the industry did a study that member cancellations are 45% less likely to cancel the subsequent month by using a software or a program that reaches out to their members every month. The answer? Drip Campaigns!

Email Marketing and Drip Campaign

Member Retention Campaigns.

 It’s a proven fact that member retention is directly corelated to your staff’s member engagement. So we make sure that we send your member a lot of free resources and small gifts to help lower your attrition. We sequence it in a way that we don’t wake up sleeping members.

Text & Email Marketing for your Prospects

It is a known fact that you must contact a lead or a prospect at least 6-13 times to finally get a chance to bring them into your gym. We use a combination of Text, and Emails, in conjunction to your Phone Calls to reach out to them during the first month. 

Referral and Review Growth.

Our gym review, referral growth campaigns are incorporated with the new member and member retention drip campaign. We sequence the campaigns with a combination of Emails and Texts.

Create Monthly Promotions & Email Blast

When you want to promote an event, have a promotion or want to send an email to all of your members, we will create all the emails for you and send them for you!

Personal Training Leads

Some new members are scared to go to the gym because they are intimated. So we set up a Personal Training drip campaign sequence starting the 1st week as an extra service to your members.

Lead Retargeting

If a prospect does not reply within the first month, we set them up with newsletters, blogs to make sure that your gym is in their mind once they start looking for a gym again.

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Are You Ready To take Your Digital Marketing to the next level?

Take advantage of our 1 on 1 Session:

This is a session where we create you a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, sales and profits. My team of trained online marketing experts and I will do the following for you:

  1. Build a Gym Member Keyword List. 
  2. Run a Ranking Report.  
  3. Review Your SEO, Speed and Linking. 
  4. Review Your Website Conversion. 
  5. Local Internet Marketing Plan.

Let us help you gain more Members and Personal Training Clients.

Konnectme’s Fitness Studio Marketing Canada is an agency that serves Digital Marketing to Canadian Gyms and Fitness Studios. We provide a full solution of all of your Gym Blog and Drip Campaign Creation Needs. We aim to be your #1 Marketing Agency for Fitness Studios and Gyms in Canada. Let us help you gain more membership and personal training leads.