Why Should Gyms Have a Pay Per Click Strategy in 2022?

2021 has forced most fitness business owners to adapt online platforms and still, the gap in online advertising is still ignored. Wouldn’t it be great to have a proven Gym Pay per Click Strategy that works? Without a Gym Pay Per Click Strategy, it is hard to increase the number of leads you can get […]

Gym Competitor Analysis

Gym Competitor Analysis

Using Gym Digital marketing strategies will help you make a comeback, or if this is your first time delving into your competitor’s niche, a new gym competitor analysis will help and guide you in making another profitable decision. Studying Your Competitors Around 10KM Radius  The health and wellness industry is a lucrative sector, primarily due […]

Fitness Website Design Strategy 2024

Fitness Website Design

As a successful fitness business owner, you know growth is critical for long-term stability. Strategies that target your market audience are more important than ever in our ever-evolving world. Implementing the right website strategy to attract potential customers is vital, but even more so, the right customers. Converting visitors to customers requires special attention that […]

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategy Update in Canada for 2024

Fitness Studio Marketing 2024

The fitness club industry is poised for significant growth and gearing towards all inclusive memberships. With 2021 at the halfway mark, the fitness industry is bouncing back with new, innovative ways. In 2019, the health club industry finished the decade with record performance: worldwide, industry revenue totalling $96.7 billion worldwide. In North America, one in […]

Gym SEO for 2024.

Gym SEO in 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s crucial for your fitness website to adapt to the latest trends, especially considering the impending Google algorithm change for 2024. Google is set to roll out a significant update called the “Page Experience Update,” emphasizing user experience. To ensure your gym’s website maintains a top position in […]

How do you Make Your Fitness Website Convert Leads in 2022?

How to Make Your Fitness Website

As a gym owner, your fitness website must be the hub of your business online.  If you set up your website properly, it will help you strengthen your gym brand online and help you gain more leads. The question is, how do you make your gym website convert leads for you so that you can […]

How To Register Your Gym or Fitness Studio on Google Maps in 2024

google maps for your gym

Why Do You Need to Know How to Register Your Gym or Fitness Studio on Google Maps? Since the beginning of the digital age, you can now expect a great rush of the people researching about your business on the internet. That being said, hundreds of gyms are now bringing their gym online, but the […]

30 Best Gym Marketing Campaigns in Canada for 2024

Fitness Studio Marketing Strategies

Fitness Studios worldwide have seen a hard time in 2020, but determined and consistent gyms have maintained and scaled their enterprises even in these times. Statistics say that the gym and fitness club industry’s market size in 2020 was over 4.3 billion US dollars. Have you also grown your fitness business in 2023? If not, […]

How your fitness studio can dominate your 10 Kilometer radius.

Fitness Studio Marketing Local Area

There are approximately 14,500 gyms in Canada. Combine that colossal statistic with the fact that, on average, 1 in 5 people have a gym membership, and you’ll see how much opportunity there is with marketing your fitness studio in your local area by using digital marketing. But it also shows you how fierce the competition […]

Convert More Leads by Setting up your Fitness Studio with Drip Campaigns

Convert More Leads by Setting up your Fitness Studio with Drip Campaigns

Convert More Leads by Setting up your Fitness Studio with Drip Campaigns. 3 Stats you should know before you read the guide. IHRSA who helps health club owners & operators build & run the best clubs in the industry, did a study that member cancellations are 45% less likely to cancel the subsequent month by using […]