Gym Testimonial Video Script: Guide to Making the Right Testimonial Video

Gym Testimonial Video Script

Why choose video testimonials as a part of your Gym’s membership lead farming strategy?

Some gym owners quote the words of their members and use them in their own videos as a review. Although it is not a wrong step, this kind of video testimonial may not be a highly effective option. You must trigger your potential customer’s emotions by watching these videos so that they can keep watching.

How do you exactly do that?
1. You must know your demographic.
2. You must know what your demographic needs and know how to help them.
3. You must give them value for every single minute they watch your video.

You know that businesses have become highly reliant on videos for marketing their products and services. Presently, videos make up more than 70% of online traffic. Moreover, Facebook videos get 8 billion views every day. Thus, you may also leverage the benefits of videos to gain the credibility of your gym business. Your prospective clients will learn how others have found values from your gym training services.

Testimonials are one of your marketing tools to promote your gym business. You can publish these testimonials on your website, social media pages, and other review sites.

Gym membership lead farming strategy: Your Gym’s Testimonial Video format

Not all Gym testimonial videos may be effective in persuading viewers to make deals. That is why you have to know the tricks of formatting the video content shown as a testimonial.

Introduction: The person in the video needs to introduce him to the audience. With a few words, he can tell about himself and his relationship with your gym center.

How the client has hit your fitness club: Your client in the video has to talk about the way how he has identified your gym club and become a part of it. He may have learned about your fitness club from his friends, online ads, or the organic search results with Google.

Confess the initial confusion: The chosen client in your fitness video testimonial can tell the audience that he has been skeptical about the reliability of your gym club. Then, he may slowly get into the topic of how your fitness training has solved his issues.

Benefits obtained from your gym: This part needs clarification on how your fitness service has transformed his life. The video has to reveal how your systematic gym training has provided the ultimate solution to every problem.

Personal feelings: Now, at the end of the video, your client may clearly talk about his feelings and impression regarding your gym training. For instance, you can claim that your gym club has a friendly environment for trainees and your trainers have a friendly attitude. Moreover, the testimonial should also mention why your gym club is highly recommendable to others. 

Who in your Gym should you approach for Video testimonials?

It is the most important issue of the gym, business owners and personal trainers. The Gym’s video testimonial will be a strong social proof, and it will establish trust among your potential customers. It will convince others to pay for membership.

The best option for you is to look for a fitness influencer, and he can be someone local. When he says some words about the gym in the video testimonial, it will attract several viewers. Make sure that he has lots of followers on social media. 

However, you may also find someone outside your locality to create the video. It is better to choose one of your genuine clients to help you. 

Now, how will you write the script for your gym video testimonials?

A perfect example of a Gym Testimonial Video Script

“Hi, My name Is Mark Aquino, one of the fitness enthusiasts struggling to find the best fitness trainer to achieve my health goals. Ultimately, one of my friends has referred me to pound4pound club here in Markham, Ontario. As it was in my locality, I didn’t hesitate to join it. However, initially, I was a little cynical of the reliability of this gym training centre.

Thanks to Justin (The owner), I had the chance to check out the standard of fitness training they provide, and I was pleased with the service and everything they had to offer. I signed up for all the fitness studio and kick-boxing right away.

A fully equipped gym club… a dedicated trainer… everything has satisfied me. The two-month training has enabled me to control my weight and learn self defence along the way! I think that everyone will get benefit from joining our full-service fitness facility.”

Sometimes, it is not easy to create the best video testimonial for personal training services. You can invest in Konnectme Digital marketing for your gym in Canada. There are certified professionals to help you write the perfect gym testimonial video script.

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