Why Do You Need to Know How to Register Your Gym or Fitness Studio on Google Maps?

Since the beginning of the digital age, you can now expect a great rush of the people researching about your business on the internet. That being said, hundreds of gyms are now bringing their gym online, but the real question is, How do you register your Gym on Google Maps? For Example, How do you make sure that your gym that is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, will show up if someone searches “Gym in Vancouver”?

The first answer is: Register your business on Google my business.

As a Gym or a Fitness Studio Owner, gaining more members and personal training clients is the bread and butter to your business. You have probably heard that by using the internet to promote your business, you can gain cheaper, and more qualified leads.

Yes, there are a lot of ways on how you can promote your gym online, but if your gym is not showing on Google Maps, you will struggle to get more leads calling you for an inquiry simply because they don’t know where you are. You need to add your gym on google maps and google my business as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Gym.

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Here is how to register your Gym or Fitness Studio on Google Maps.

1. Go To Google My Business

Register Your Gym or Fitness Studio on Google Maps

To register your gym or fitness studio in Google Maps, you need to add your business in the Google My Business page first. Search on google or any other search engine for “Google My Business.” The first link will be for the Google My Business page, click on that link, and sign up with your business Gmail account.

2. Enter NAP in Google My Business page


Once you are signed in with the Gmail account, now you need to add some necessary information. NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) will be required information. Remember, this information should be authentic. There is no “test” in this process because If you try to add a fake address or phone number, Google will blacklist you. So be sure you are entering the correct business name, address of gym or fitness studio, and phone number. You can also add the business hours, but this is optional.

3. Choose the Category of Business

google map gym category

If your business appears in the suggested matches list, click on it, otherwise add your business and provide the necessary information (NAP). Once you are done with it, now is the time to choose the category of your business. In the same form for NAP, you can see the option for the category at the bottom. Choosing a category for your gym is very important to make sure that your Fitness studio shows up on Google Maps. It would help if you classified your gym well, so how it could be displayed in the correct queries. You can add up to 5 categories in your gym, such as health, fitness, gym, etc.

4. Verify Your Business

verify gym in Google Maps

For putting your gym business in Google Maps, your business should be verified by Google. Google usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to verify and set up your business on Google Maps. For verification of your business, Google will send a PIN to your address via courier. Google updates this feature and tries to send the PIN-code on the given phone number. The verifying process is a safer way to verify your business because you will have to verify that you own the gym.

5. Wait for a postcard for address verification

While you have created your profile and have entered your gym’s address, your google my business page will go live after receiving the postcard. Google does it to verify the location of your fitness club and this will verify your authority as a real fitness facility.

This tech giant sends a physical postcard by mail. This postcard is a piece of paper delivered from one site to the other site with the postal service.

In this postcard, you will have the verification code and some easily interpretable instructions on how to accomplish the verification process. Enter the code and make your Google Maps visible to the target viewers.

Open your profile and hit the blue-coloured Mail button. However, never worry while you have not received the card. Google will work on your listing. After going through verification steps, the website will redirect you to the Google my business account.

6. Setting Up Your Google My Business Page

gym google my business

After getting verification from Google, your priority should be setting up your Google My Business page, and implementing local search engine optimization techniques. It should be a high priority for you, because without this, your gym or fitness studio will not show in the search results, and Google Maps searches. For local SEO of your business, you can contact us; we will do all the demographic researches for you so that we can provide you with the best digital marketing keywords. This way, you can rank your business on Google Maps and make sure that your gym shows up first on google.

 7. Rank and get Reviews for your Gym’s Website on Google

digital marketing guide for your gym

Define Your SEO Strategy

For example, if your Gym is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chances are, you are not the only gym in a 30 KM radius. If someone searches “gym near me” you best bet that at least two other gyms will show up. You will need to optimize your website locally to show it in the google maps and this way; you can make sure to stay on top of your competitors. To learn how to rank your gym using Local SEO, download our Free Digital Marketing Fitness Guide for your gym.

Get Reviews as Part of Your Gym Digital Marketing Strategy

You have already made the basic setup on your Google My Business Page. Now, it is the right time to get verified reviews from members of your gym club. Those genuine reviews are highly important for your gym’s reputation, branding, and indexing. Thus, reviews play a role in making your gym digital marketing more effective.

More than 95% of online visitors make decisions by reading online reviews of local businesses. The number of positive and negative opinions makes a difference in the conversion rate. However, ratings and comments of your customers are highly valuable for your business. GMB reviews not only affects human decision but also increase your rank in the SERP ranking.

Do you need assistance?

If you need help on how to Register Your Gym or Fitness Studio on Google Maps and get more reviews, Konnectme a digital marketing agency for your gym, is here for you. Simply contact us! To book a strategy session and get a free gym website audit and keyword list.

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