How your fitness studio can dominate your 10 Kilometer radius.

Fitness Studio Marketing Local Area

There are approximately 14,500 gyms in Canada. Combine that colossal statistic with the fact that, on average, 1 in 5 people have a gym membership, and you’ll see how much opportunity there is with marketing your fitness studio in your local area by using digital marketing.

But it also shows you how fierce the competition is out there. 

Luckily, we have one simple strategy to ensure that everyone within your 10 kilometer radius knows your fitness studio. And,want to be there too.

So, what is the strategy?

In one word: Ubiquitous.

What is ubiquitous?

The definition of ubiquitous is: “present, appearing, or found everywhere.”

In practice, the ubiquitous should be done with your fitness studio.

It’s likely that you’re in complete panic mode. “How can my fitness studio be everywhere at once? I can barely keep up with my staff! and a 2nd location is not possible at this time” 

Fortunately, the push to the digital world is giving fitness studio owners the ability to be ubiquitous.

So, when we say ‘be present in places at all times’, we’re not referring to a new location. 

Instead, we’re talking about using the internet platforms that your target market is on.

When you use more than 3 platforms available to you simultaneously, you create a consistent and predictable flow of new membership sign ups.

What happens if my fitness studio is not present everywhere?

Simple answer, your competition will win over new leads around your area.

Think about all of your current gym members. Some of them are bound to leave, maybe they are moving, pregnant, have a new health condition that renders them to keep going to your gym.

You could be the best fitness studio in Canada but member cancellations are impossible to avoid. It’s part of the fitness business. 

So what can you do if cancellations are unavoidable?

The real issue comes when you’re losing more members than you’re gaining, then at this point you would need to restart or even sell your fitness studio.

Luckily, being ubiquitous, creates a predictable flow of consistent new leads.

In short, you want to always be available when there is someone looking for a gym. 

You want to be in at least 3 different internet platforms and have a consistent flow of content to gain the trust of your current members to gain referrals and new leads to give their information.


Which Digital Platforms should you use to market your fitness studio in your local area?

There are a ton of new platforms now, from facebook, tik-tok, pinterest, and so many more so how do you choose the right platform to advertise in?

Before you decide on which platform should you focus on, we need to take a step back and ask the following:
1. Who is your target market?
2. What is the demographic ratio of your members?
3. Are my target market the same as my current member ratio?
4. What is your digital and geographical competitor doing?
5. Who is really your competitor?
6. Which martial arts or fitness class gives you the most revenue?

When you ask these questions, you or our team at konnectme will be able to select which platform is the best.

In most gyms and martial arts studio in Canada, we find that the following platforms are always the best in maximizing your lead flow:

With 3 internet advertising platforms combined, can guarantee that you’ll never have a problem with inbound leads.

That gives you the peace of mind you need as a studio business owner that your gym will never fall into the danger attrition zone. 

You need to make sure you’re using these tools to drive people into your studio because everyone is on at least 2 of these platforms.

How Multiple Platforms Work To Market Your Fitness Studio in your Local Area.

Meet Floren, a 70-year-old pilates enthusiast. She used to do yoga and ballet, and she is still flexible for her age. So, she wants to keep her fitness routine going.

Floren doesn’t use Instagram. She thinks it’s for the younger demographic. However, she is always on facebook connecting with her family using her iphone.

Floren is a perfect prospect for your yoga or pilates studio. 

Problem is, your studio only uses google and your facebook page is out of date.

Floren would never see your marketing efforts because she uses apple maps, and is quite selective with the facebook pages she follows because she knows how to use facebook properly.

But, the fitness studio across the road from you is using and updated apple maps, facebook, instagram and google. They’ve been marketing their business through all of these tools.

Floren then see your page and see the competitors, guess which one she is going to sign up at? Yup, the competition.

The reason your competitor got the membership is that they were in the right place at the right time.

But problem is, you don’t know which actual internet platforms are people actually using.

So, the best way to make sure the right people see you is to be present in at least 3 platforms, and update it all the time.

It takes additional planning and strategy to figure out which platforms are the best for your studio, so when we start working together, we will do all this work for you.

How to be in your prospect’s mind at all times.

When marketing your fitness studio in your local area, and on many platforms, you must understand how each of these platforms works. Which demographics they attract and how are they being used.  

Take facebook, for example. facebook works, it’s directly to the point, easy to navigate, and can be used a messenger.

The whole platform is based on communication and personal interest.

That’s why people generally spend far more time on Facebook than Instagram. Because they are seeing what they want to see. Fast.

You also need to consider the type of marketing that works best for you.

For example, for our client We choose facebook, apple maps and google because their target market is that of the older demographic.

Which Marketing Style For My Fitness Studio?

We could you show you what has worked and has not for other studios, but ultimately, it depends on you. Everything starts at the top so you need to ask yourself, What does my target market like to see that I want to see my self? and you can start using that way of thinking into your marketing content.

If you’re still trying to figure it out, the best way is to do a complimentary strategy call with us at

We will do a strategy call followed up with a strategy meeting where we create a custom plan for you to dominate locally.

How can being everywhere increase my inbound leads?

If you’re gaining no traffic on your fitness website, don’t be discouraged. As soon as you start updating, do your SEO and be on at least 3 platforms, you will begin to see new inquiries.

Think of it this way: if you’re present on all the platforms at all times, the people within a 10 KM radius will be aware of your gym. Some of them will probably come in one day, sign up and say “I always see you guys on my Instagram”

If your fitness profiles are providing value at all times, then it will be recognizable. That is why we always update your blogs and social media with content relevant to your practice or your studio.

By being everywhere locally, you can build rapport and trust to gain more referrals and new leads. That’s called branding.


So when you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, Book a Strategy call with us and we will do a complimentary digital marketing audit for you. Here: watch a video regarding our complimentary service and there will be a link at the end of the video if you decide it’s time to expedite your marketing.

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