Gym Competitor Analysis

Gym Competitor Analysis

Using Gym Digital marketing strategies will help you make a comeback, or if this is your first time delving into your competitor’s niche, a new gym competitor analysis will help and guide you in making another profitable decision.

Studying Your Competitors Around 10KM Radius

 The health and wellness industry is a lucrative sector, primarily due to a growing consciousness in an ever-changing world. With popularity comes competition and gyms and now branching out and encompassing much more than equipment and classes. Some even add in practitioners and seminars and better water and muscle aids to an ever-increasing diversity.

As the owner of a gym center, you can find competition mainly at a local level, around the 10KM radius of your fitness center. As you target your local region for potential customers, you may face challenges in beating your competitors. To overcome this obstacle, ask yourself, how do you make your fitness center stand out in the local area?

The answer is simple. Gym digital marketing strategy where you focus on 3 platforms is the best solution.

By harnessing the potential of online marketing tactics and really dominating 3 internet platforms will help you reach your target audience faster and more effectively than your competitors.

Know your competitors

A part of your gym competitor analysis is knowing who your competitors are. Your strongest competitors are those fitness studios, which offer similar packages at the same pricing rate.

The biggest mistake is when we compare apples to oranges. A small boutique gym could never compete with a large chain with an endless supply of money, but every gym has something special and unique to offer, and there is where hiring a strategy company is essential.

Analyze your competitors’ website

Now, you have access to their websites and can begin to identify what makes their business successful. Do those fitness centres’ websites greet their visitors?
Is there anyone to manage customers’ queries?
Are their websites mobile-friendly?
Do the gym centres have multiple branches?
What is the minimum membership charge and is there any special offer?
What do they do that works, and what do they do that doesn’t work?

Analyze your competitors’ internet listings such as GMB

You know that most fitness centres have created their Google My Business profile. Creating a GMB page is the most important step for local SEO. (Click here to download a Fitness GMB Guide) To identify those local gym clubs, you can use the keyword- Gym centres near me. You will get a list of nearby fitness centres.

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Develop a positive relationship with competitors

Now is the time to develop a healthy relationship. Having used the search engine to trace out your competitors within a 10KM radius, you can learn from your affiliations. Sometimes, relationships will spiral, and joint ventures are created to the benefit of both parties.

Local SEO

With competitive analysis, you have learned lots of things about other gym centres. Now, how will you reach the target audience in the online world? You need to create locally optimized content for your service pages, social media posts, and blogs. You have identified keywords from your competitor’s websites to help grab the attention of online searchers. But, to ensure success, hiring a digital marketing agency for your gym like Konnectme is key to success. Konnectme will help you identify and grab hold of those searchers looking for you and your niche product and service. Using Metadata in their gym digital marketing strategy, you will get the best results possible.

Take your business to the next level by using Konnectme.

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