How to Reduce Cancelations by Effectively Utilizing Digital Marketing?

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As we live and breathe in the Digital era, we must progress in it as well. Getting acquainted with all the Digital resources at our disposal and knowing how to utilize them effectively is a must to ensure your growth. Digital Marketing can work wonders for facilitating development and providing higher revenues when it comes to small and medium businesses. Especially in businesses related to the fitness industries, one must learn the facets of Fitness Studio Digital Marketing and deploy them timely to sustain and grow one’s business.

Here we will talk about one of the most nagging aspects that hinder business, cancelations, and how it can be tackled effectively using the perks of Fitness Studio Digital Marketing.

Subscriptions and Cancelations

Most small and medium businesses, especially fitness centers, acquire payment from customers in the form of subscriptions. Once they subscribe for a period of six or 12 months, they have to pay the corresponding amount against that subscription. Now, the roadblock comes in the form of cancelations when a customer changes his mind in the middle of the subscription tenure and cancel the subscription. The business not only loses financially, but its customer base keeps shrinking. Surely, no business would want that happening.

How to overcome cancellation in your Fitness Studio using Digital Marketing?

The answer is quite simple yet genius. Businesses need to stay in contact with their customers from day one and in a cyclic order. It must follow a revolving topic sequence and contact each member based on the same. During every interaction, businesses must share some vital information or content related to the business that the customers can value.

For instance, if we consider a fitness studio digital marketing in Canada, it sends content such as workout tips, personal training offers, referral bonuses and discounts, staff updates, and diet charts in a cyclic order throughout the year to all its members. Now every gym cannot pick up the same model for digital marketing as their customer base would vary considerably. But the essence remains inconsistently communicating with their members and not losing touch with them. 

Why is staying in touch so essential to prevent cancelations?

Losing a sale can be very detrimental to your team’s morale, especially after they have put in a lot of work to secure it. Therefore, keeping your customers and members in the loop is an essential task and might help you avoid cancelations.

Here is an example to what we did for P4P MMA Markham, one of the best fitness studio in Markham, Ontario.

· We created drip campaigns to make sure that their members are on the hook by interacting with them at regular intervals to allow their studio to track any issue that might lead to customer cancelations beforehand.

· The standard time frame we used is 21 days. This is the most appropriate timing for keeping in touch with every gym member. It makes them feel more at home and part of the organization and will play a factor if they think about cancelations. 

· We also used our in house tools to sync the campaigns we created with their CRM and billing software to convey relevant information about their members and provide reminders before the 21st day arrives is a recommended way of performing Fitness Studio Digital Marketing to prevent cancelations.

for a guide on how to create drip campaigns for your fitness studio, click here.


As per data from IHRSA, businesses can reduce cancelations by continually staying connected to their customers. For gyms and fitness centers, providing fascinating content and interacting with members every 21 days is a proven method to reduce cancelations. 

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