Guide to Setting up Gym Drip Campaigns

Gym Drip Campaign

The importance of having drip campaigns set up in a gym.

IHRSA who helps health club owners & operators build & run the best clubs in the industry did a study that member cancellations are 45% less likely to cancel the subsequent month by using a software or a program that reaches out to their members every month.

In this blog, you will read about:

1. Which various drip campaigns are necessary in your gym digital marketing strategy.
2. How to set up the drip campaign properly and not initiate cancellations from sleeping members that are paying you.
3. Setting up drip campaigns to retain members, get more members, reviews, referrals and personal training clients.
4. How often should you be sending contacts.
5. Softwares you can use to automate your gym drip campaign sequence
6. Other than gym drip campaigns. You will learn how to Identify other gym digital marketing gaps that you may have.

1. Which various drip campaigns are necessary to retain members, get more members, referrals and personal training clients.

Automated Gym Campaigns

Which one of them are necessary in your gym digital marketing strategy?

All of them.
Your gym must have individual drip campaign set up for all categories. That includes Online and offline leads, referrals, members, and personal training clients.

2. How to set up the drip campaign properly so that you don’t initiate cancellations from paying sleeping members.

Gym Drip Campaigns

The Short Answer:
When you are just starting out with creating drip campaigns for all membership categories, you need to make sure that you only send drip campaigns to members who started not more than 6 months ago. This is because most gym memberships have a 1-year commitment.

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3. How to set up drip campaigns to retain members, get more members, referrals and personal training clients and How often should you be sending contacts.

Member Retention Method

Now that you know that there is a 45% chance for you to save a cancellation if you contact a member a month before, how many times should you be contacting a member?

The answer:
Once every 21 days.

How? Is it not annoying?
It definitely can be annoying! So we developed a way around it.

Contacting the member starting from the day they sign up using a revolving topic sequence. During the course of a year, you will send them work out tips, referral bonus offers, personal training offers, club updates, and staff updates! Here at Konnectme, we understand that not all gyms are the same, so when we finally start working together, we will be going through a discovery phase where we get to know your business so that we know exactly what you can offer. In turn, we put these into words for you and make sure that your members know how you are helping them!

Gym Drip Campaigns for more New Members

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It is a known fact that you must contact a lead or a prospect at least 6-13 times to finally get a chance to bring them into your gym. You must use a combination of Text, Email, and Phone Calls to reach out to them during the first month. After that, you can set them up on a month recurring follow up to entice them to come back. Konnectme Gym Digital Marketing already has all the proven drip campaign methods used and once we work together, we will be able to customize these campaigns to cater into your target market.

Getting More Referrals and Reviews through Gym Drip Campaigns

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Getting reviews from your members has a few steps. First of all, your gym review growth campaign should be incorporated with your new member and member retention drip campaign. You must sequence the campaign with a combination of Emails and Texts. When you start planning your 1 year member follow up campaigns, your gym digital marketer should be asking for a review during the first 30 days of becoming a member. Your designated gym digital marketer should start with a welcome email, then asking for a referral, followed with asking if you can do anything for them and finally ask them to write a review. It is very vital that this follow up sequence is done in chronological order.

Drip Campaigns to get more Personal Training Clients

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There are 2 ways to utilize Gym Drip Campaigns to gain more personal training clients.

1. The first one is to contact prospects directly to offer a personal training assessment. It is a known fact that a lot of new gym goers are very intimidated to go to the gym because of seeing the regular gym members who are already fit. The way around this is to set up your new gym lead drip campaign to reassure the prospect about your gym being able to help them out starting the 2nd week of prospecting.

2. The 2nd one is to incorporate the Personal Training drip campaign into your member follow up sequence also starting the 1st week. Most of the time, your front desk or membership salesperson may not be able to book the personal training assessment, so it is very important to add the personal training offer into your drip campaign.

5. Software you can use to automate your gym drip campaign sequence

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The Main software that we use is CLUB OS because it integrates with Data track, abc financial, mind body, ASF and other gym financial software. Our Gym Digital marketing packages at Konnectme includes CLUB OS, and together, CLUB OS and Konnectme will take care of integrating your current financial software, and training your staff to use them. Konnectme handles all the drip campaign creation and edit them as your gym promotions may change from time to time.

6. How to Identify other gym digital marketing gaps that you may have other than drip campaigns

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It can be tremendously frustrating trying to figure out how to get more Gym Memberships and Personal Training clients from the Internet with so many approaches (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Pay-Per-Lead) and various providers calling you every day offering you the next best thing. What do you do, what order do you do it in, and who do you trust? Over the years working with numerous Gym Companies and fitness Studio owners, reviewing thousands of websites, and publishing our EGuide- “Digital Marketing Guide For Your Gym” we have discovered the key elements of a successful digital marketing guide for gym and we’ve boiled it down to this simple checklist.