Is your fitness website ready for the new 2021 algorithm change?

Gym SEO in 2024

Back in November last year, I wrote an article regarding the implementation of Core Web Vitals this May 2021 and why you need to optimize your fitness website immediately.

Today, Using the following 6 steps, I am going to show you how to asses your website to see if you actually need optimize it before May 2021.

As I mentioned on my previous blog, I would like to emphasize that these needs to be fixed before May 2021.

If you know that your fitness website already needs this and are just looking for someone to fix all these for you. To request for a free quote: click on the following link.

Fitness Website Optimization analysis.

1. Visit Google Speed Test

Optimize Your Fitness Website

You do not need an account to check your fitness website’s speed test through google. All you have to do is go visit here

2. Enter your Fitness Website URL and Click Analyze

Optimize Your Fitness Website

Depending how big your website is, the Analysis may take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.

3. Analyze your Mobile and Desktop optimization.

Optimize Your Fitness Website

Understanding the Scoring System.

What your score means:
0-49: you need to optimize your website immediately. You can start by getting a free quote with us here.
50-89: Your website is also considered average and 1 wrong move may affect your SEO, so a website optimization report is also very beneficial for you.
90+: You are doing very well and you don’t need any Core Web Vital optimization at this point.

if you need to optimize your fitness website with proper core web vitals. Request for a quote here:

4. Understanding why your mobile and desktop is so different.

Mobile: Contrary to “auto mobile rendering” that hosting services offers, Mobile is actually quite different from desktop and it also needs to be manually updated. This is the reason your mobile might be very low compared to your desktop.

Desktop: Most websites are Desktop friendly, and we find that the biggest culprit is having non-compressed/ optimized image is usually the culprit.

5. Fix this before your competitor does.

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If you are sick of seeing your competitor on the first page of Google and always seeing your business as the 2nd contender. It is imperative that you fix these now.

This way, google will have enough time to re-crawl your website and deem it to be more authoritative. Which means your gym will show up on search engines as the first choice and not second.

6. Free quote to optimize your fitness website and fitness marketing strategy audit.

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and also include:

Build a Gym Member Keyword List. A search to see what people are searching for in your area. (Valued at $199.)

Run a Ranking Report. See where your website stands as compared to your competitors (Valued at $99.)

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