How do you Make Your Fitness Website Convert Leads in 2022?

How to Make Your Fitness Website

As a gym owner, your fitness website must be the hub of your business online.  If you set up your website properly, it will help you strengthen your gym brand online and help you gain more leads. The question is, how do you make your gym website convert leads for you so that you can gain more members?

At Konnectme gym digital Marketing, we use 10 strategies to make sure you have a higher conversion rate.

Gym SEO Strategy in 2021

1.  5 valuable lead magnets and trial offers to get more conversion.
2.  5 website tweaks to maximize your conversions.

Before you read on about these lead magnets, security and blogs, I just want to emphasize how Cautious you need to be of D.I.Y and Free websites.

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If you do the website yourself, or if the website is given to you for free as part of a software purchase, you need to be wary about doing your S.E.O and website responsiveness right. With so many new algorithm changes, you need to make sure that your website is updated accordingly. 

Lead Magnets. How to use them on your fitness website so that you can convert leads online.

How to Make Your Fitness Website

Lead magnets are promotions and offers, providing value to your fitness website visitor so that they can request it and submit their contact details. 

Valuable Lead Magnet VS Trial offers.

A valuable lead magnet is a little different from a regular trial offer. A valuable lead magnet is something that gives your prospect something that they can own and use, while a trial offer is something that entice them to come to your gym right away.

At konnectme gym digital marketing, we use 5 different lead magnets that go up on your website.  These lead magnets are catered to your target market, services, and monthly promotions. 

Valuable Lead Magnet #1: The Personal Training Booklet Offer.

How to Make Your Fitness Website

Chances are, your potential member always looking for valuable fitness information from your gym’s website. To gain more Personal Training leads, we will create a downloadable e-book for your fitness website visitors. It can be an E-books on nutritious recipes, physical workouts, and even yoga poses.  It is also better to create digital books targeting some particular topics, like bodybuilding, weight loss, or perhaps something that speaks to your gym’s demographic.

Valuable Lead Magnet #2: The “Book a Tour” or “No Sweat Visit”

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Some potential members are not ready to come in and work out. These same people are also the type of prospect that will not sign up at the first visit. They just want to see the gym, scope out the demographic, and see if your fitness facility is a place that they can see themselves in. It is important for your website to have this option for the person who is not ready to sweat. As these types of prospect are not ready to sign up, our team at konnectme gym digital marketing will create drip campaigns for them to make sure they are engaged and are thinking about your gym. Click here read more about drip campaigns

Promotional Offer #1: The old “Free trial”

A chance to try your services for free can easily attract your potential gym members. You must Create a stunning landing page to announce that you offer a free 7-day pass to locals. It is one of the best tricks to increase the conversion rate on your website.

Promotional Offer #2: The “Group Class Trial”

How to Make Your Fitness Website

If you are a full scale gym, and you have a “free trial” but no “Try a group class” offer on your gym website, you are missing out on potential leads.  Most group classes have higher retention rates compared to a single user. At konnectme, we make sure that there is a web page dedicated to this demographic!

Promotional Offer #3: The “Limited time Offer Coupons”

How to Make Your Fitness Website

Some fitness owners prefer offering coupons to visitors. However, while offering coupons and promo codes, you need to set a time. The sense of urgency encourages potential customers to sign up for your services. Now that you know what you need to increase your website conversion, there are 5 more things that are needed to help your website conversion.

#1 Make your website secure.

How to Make Your Fitness Website

Create an SSL certified website for your gym business.

A secure website increases the confidence of your visitors. Moreover, your presence in the digital platform will develop trust in customers. Your present gym members can leave comments on your service standards.

#2 Create Very Specific landing pages.

The landing page of your gym business website is the right place where you can add those lead magnets. Every lead magnet must have a landing page.

#3.  The design must fit your target market.

Your gym website is not just a catalog of your services. By creating a unique designing and tweaking your fitness website to make it compatible with any device, you not only help your Gym S.E.O, but you will increase your lead conversion.

#4. The Importance of Blogs.

How to Make Your Fitness Website

We have all heard the blogs help SEO, but having blogs on your studio or gym’s website is actually an amazing tactic to keep your readers engaged with your business because of a few things.

At Konnectme gym digital marketing, We create blog and update your website accordingly because of the following:

A. It gives your website visitors a reason to keep coming back.
B. It gives your potential member a value to sign up.
C. Most importantly, it verifies your prospect that you are an ACTIVE business.

#5.  Keep up with the algorithm change.

Building a website for your Gym is important but with a great converting fitness website only means more maintenance.  With so many algorithms changing our team at konnectme works hard to make sure that your website properly designed. Konnectme aims to be your #1 Gym Digital Marketing Agency.

If you need help with implementing any of these strategies, please schedule a strategy call with us at