How to Set up a Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System.

Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System

How to Set up a Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System.

We all know that owning a gym can be hard, yet alone running the entire gym operations. As a Gym owner, how do you find the time to prospect for new members? If you do not have a sales team that is constantly following up with leads and members, How will your membership clientele grow?

The answer is, you must set up a 1 year worth of- Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System that comprise calling, texting and emailing.

The actual cost of Gym Leads.

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If your gym is using both offline and online marketing, you may find that the cost of lead acquisition can be costly. With your marketing budget, you need to factor in all costs including:
Blogs, Pay Per Click, Website, Software, Lawn Signs, Bus stop signs, flyers, lead boxes and so many more. Moral of this is that you need to set up gym lead email automation campaign and re-marketing systems for leads that have not made a deal despite showing interest in fitness training.

After you have set up your fitness website and other lead magnet tools mentioned above, you must have a system to entice your leads to convince them to join your gym, or your advertising dollars will just go to waste.

Understanding your Gym Lead’s Behavior.

As a gym owner, marketer or a salesperson, one must understand that it is not uncommon to take up to 14 contacts for a lead to become an appointment. So, if a gym lead does not reply to you or pick up your phone call, do not get discourage and always remember that a lead is always a 5-star prospect until proven that it’s not.

That being said, our team at Konnectme Gym Digital Marketing will create a 1-year prospecting system specific to your gym. Our Prospecting gym lead automated prospecting system will bring you more members and personal training clients.  

The system comprises 2 different stages and both uses texting and emailing.

The 1st stage, the 10 Day Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System.

The first initial Contact.

When a new lead comes in, you as a Gym owner, or your membership salesperson, must take the initial contact seriously. This is when the lead is fresh, excited and willing to hear more about your gym. For the sake of both long-term and short-term growth of your fitness business, you must do your best to contact them within 5 minutes of getting the lead.

If you were not able to reach the lead by a phone call, leave a message and say:

“Hi NAME, this is Mark from Konnectme Gym, I am just calling you to set the tour you have requested online. I will be sending you a text to give you some time slots and see if it works for you. Looking forward to seeing you at our gym!

After that, you must immediately send them a text with your availability, and set up the next follow-up date for the next day.

The 2nd day is when we begin with your Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System

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This is when we set up automated emails and texts that will try to get in contact with your lead for the next 10 days. We set up 5 different text and 5 different emails to get them to reply to you and book an appointment. If they respond at any of those contacts, all the subsequent contacts will automatically stop.

During the next 10 days:

It is important to send a welcome email or text to the new fitness prospect who has signed up for your newsletters, scheduled a tour, or claimed one of your offers. You may thank them for their sign-up and let them learn about your staff and gym business. Short and crisp messages are the best.

Is it annoying that you are going to message every day for the next 10 days?

The answer is No. The reason is that your gym lead has given you permission to contact them; they have asked for something that only your gym can give, and if you are not following up with them, then you are showing them that you are not interested in helping them. In other words, your gym might give the impression of a slow and bad service.

The 2nd stage, 10- 31 days of your Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System.

What if your gym lead does not reply during the first 10 days?

If your lead does not reply within the first 10 days, we set them up for another weekly follow up for up to 3 weeks which consist of offers or discounts. It is important to note that your offer must be compelling enough to entice the lead to schedule a tour at your gym.

The 3rd stage, 11 Month- Gym Lead Automated Prospecting System.

What if your Gym lead does not reply during the first month?

If your Gym lead does not reply during the first month, we set them up with an 11-month long drip campaign.

What is a drip campaign?

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It is also known as an email campaign or email marketing; it is made up with a set of pre-written messages moving subscribers to the ultimate conversion point. You have to send useful information and compelling offers so that you can keep your gym’s brand in their minds.

To learn how to set up a drip campaign for Prospects, Members, Reviews and Personal training clients: read our last blog

What is the value of email drip campaigns into your fitness centre business?

Email drip campaigns are beneficial to you in a range of ways. Any fitness facility that relies on memberships can send valuable information to their potential clients so they can keep your brand in their minds. Your fitness blogs or gym newsletters can keep your leads engaged. Moreover, drip campaign is effective to create and nurture new leads to direct them to the sales funnel. You can educate those leads and prevent them from losing the best opportunities from your fitness center.

Konnectme gym digital marketing understands that all gyms are different, so proper targeting and customization of messages are important for a drip campaign. Your potential clients will receive precise and tailored messages specific to your gym and offers.

Identifying your market segments to maximize your marketing communications.

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Segmentation of audiences is one of the most important steps for a successful drip campaign. By identifying the interests of your potential gym members, you can start a targeted email. For instance, some prospects like to gain muscles, while others are struggling to increase stamina. Based on these needs, you can send personalized emails to them. The tailored content will stimulate their interest in joining your gym club. When you are ready to set up your drip email campaigns and automated marketing programs, simply schedule a call with us. We will help you take your gym digital marketing into the next level.