Writing The Perfect Fitness Blog

6 Steps To Writing a Perfect Fitness Blog

6 Steps To Writing The Perfect Fitness Blog

If you are on this page, you probably know that having constant new blog content feeding your page is very necessary to rank high on Google. In turn, you need to write the perfect Fitness Blog. We very much understand the need of writing the perfect fitness blog so that you can sell your products or that you can rank your fitness website faster. At Konnectme.ca, we promise that we will write you a blog post that is 100% tailored to reach your unique audience using the 6 Steps To Writing a Perfect Fitness Blog. No matter if it’s just a topic, you want us to talk about, or if we need to write a review for a product or service, we can get the job done for you. We will be using SEO keywords of your choice or keywords that your direct competitor uses.

1. Choose Your Fitness Niche

Well, fitness is also considered as a niche, but there are many areas in the fitness niche. Either you can start a blog on the fitness in which you will cover all areas or you can choose a specific area as a niche. For example, in the fitness niche, you will find more areas like CrossFit, yoga, triathlete or runner, weight loss, self-care or mindful eating. These are topics are cover in the Fitness. So before starting a blog think clearly about the niche on which you can write efficiently.

There is no issue if you cover all areas, but it requires too much effort. But if you choose the specific area then you can grow your blog more quickly. The specific niche will help you grow on social media platforms quickly.

2. Choose Your Blog Name

After deciding the blog niche now the next step is to choose the name for the blog. Before choosing the name for the blog you should consider the following things in your mind.

  • Always choose the name which is related to your blog niche. Most people like to set their Gym Name with the blog, if you are well established on the internet, then you can go with the personal name, otherwise select the attractive and eye-catchy name.
  • While choosing the blog name, you should have to consider the audience and niche for your website. You have to research well on this, if you are not capable then contact us. We have premium tools like ahrefs and semrush for researching the good name for your blog.
  • Your website name is neither too long nor too short. Your blog name should be memorable for the user. Your blog name should lie between 8 to 15 words.
  • Once you select the name then make sure the domain of your blog name should be available on the DNS (Domain Name Server). You can surf on GoDaddy and Namecheap for checking availability.

3. Buy Domain and Hosting

Once you make sure that the desired domain is available on DNS, then buy that domain. We suggest you more important thing is that never share your desired blog name with anyone before purchasing. You can buy a domain from godaddy.com and maincheap.com both are trustworthy and economical. Hosting is also compulsory for the blog setup. Hosting you can say the storage where you can store your website for making it live on the internet. There are two types of hosting self-hosting and sharing hosting. Self-hosting is very expensive for the newbie. If you are new then we would recommend you to buy the sharing hosting. Bluehost.com and Maincheap.com are the top of the list in the means of purchasing hosting.

4. Choose the Blogging Platform

f you are not familiar with web programming, and you want to create more lead funnel from your fitness blog then you should consider hiring Konnectme Digital Services to Help market your gym. There are lots of blogging platforms available on the internet such as blogger, wordpress.com, six and so on. These three are famous for blogging purposes. The blogger.com is a very basic platform for blogging; there are limited features in it. Most professionals prefer to use WordPress.com. There are a few reasons behind this, some of them are mentioned below.

  • WordPress is a dynamic platform where you can use it for other purposes rather than blogging.
  • No need for programming, everything can be set on drag and drop.
  • Very easy to use and install on your hosting.
  • You can customize the permalinks of the page on WordPress.
  • There are lots of plugins and themes available in WordPress.

5. Set HTTPS on your Fitness Blog

If you have ever noticed on many websites’ URL the word HTTP or HTTPS, or nowadays the lock symbol is shown on the HTTPS websites. Let’s first discuss between HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, the HTTP websites are not secured for the transactions and google may penalize these types of websites. HTTPS websites are secured websites, and google always appreciates these websites. For setting up the HTTPS on the website you should have an SSL certificate. Most hosting providers are offering the free SSL certificate if you don’t have then you need to buy it. One more thing the blogging website can work without an SSL certificate, but if you are selling something on your blog then you should have an SSL certified website.

6. Create Content and Publish

Now at the final step, once you have done everything, it’s time to create the content strategy. There are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Never copy the content from other websites, you can take the idea, but never copy completely otherwise you will get banned or blacklisted from the google.
  • Your content should be a minimum of 500 words with at least one feature image.
  • Don’t copy images from other sources, if you are taking other’s images then make a few changes to prevent copyright claims.
  • Blogs are enough for 500 words, but if you are going to write any affiliate content then you should analyze the topic on the internet. Choose the website content that you could follow for your website. If the content on other websites is 2000 words, then your content should be at least 2200 words.
  • You should publish one content at least every day. Regularity will increase your presence on the internet.
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