Yoga Studio: Use Digital Marketing to Increase Your Online Reviews.

Yoga Studio: Use Digital Marketing to Increase Your Online Reviews.

Some people who run their own Yoga Studio use Digital Marketing to make their customers come back to them.

          Most people focus on discounts, special offers and exclusive products in order to keep people coming back to the Yoga Studio. These things help; however, there is one thing that has a much stronger effect than any other factor: customer feedback.

          Customer feedback is really important because it can give you an insight into how your customers feel about the services you have offered them. It does not have to be anything complicated, but asking people for their opinions on certain aspects of your business could mean the difference between having a client come back to you or choosing someone else next time they are looking for Yoga Studio services.

          There are several reasons why getting customer feedback is so important. The first thing that comes to mind is that if people do not feel that you care enough to get their opinion, then there will be no way for you to improve your business. However, even more important than just improving yourself, this information helps inform other customers who may look at reviews online before going into your Yoga Studio. When a customer does not get the information they need from existing reviews, it is more than likely that they will go somewhere else for training services. This alone is a good reason why Yoga Studio uses digital marketing to grow their online reviews.

          Another important reason why getting customer feedback is so vital to running any Yoga Studio is because of changes in technology. The modern lifestyle places far too much emphasis on trends and how you sell yourself online through social media and other avenues. Therefore, if people cannot find your company online or dislike what they see when researching your brand, then there was no point in them coming to you in the first place.

            Having said that, we think we have made it clear just how important customer feedback can be for anyone who runs their own Yoga Studio. However, asking for customer feedback can seem like a daunting task, especially if you do not know where to start.

            The first thing you need to do is keep things simple and not make customer feedback too complicated. You can achieve this by asking for customer feedback directly after their workout session (Read our detailed blog for step-by-step plan to grow your reviews) or during normal business hours. You also need to consider that your customer may be more receptive at some times than others, so try experimenting with different times and see what works best for your particular Yoga Studio.

            Once you have decided the best time and place for asking customers for their opinions, it will be time to consider how exactly you are going to ask them for their input. There are several customer feedbacks tools you can use to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, but the most important thing is to make sure that whatever customer feedback tool you choose is simple and easy to use.

            Asking customer for reviews may seem like a daunting task; however, there are plenty of customer feedback tools out there which will help speed up the process. One example of such a tool is intouch technology, which offers great drip campaign sequencing to market to your prospects and ask referrals from your current ones. Our team at konnectme helps with setting up the drip campaign sequencing based on your own studio and we make sure that we incorporate all the services you offer into their software. In touch does not only give customers an opportunity to provide reviews, but it also gives businesses the chance to respond with their own message or offer discounts or other incentives in order to try and win over unhappy consumers. It is essential to make customer feedback a priority for any business which wants to stay afloat.

            When it comes down to it, your customer feedback is really just another way of asking your customers how they feel about the services you offer. In order to get the best results from customer feedback, try experimenting with different times and days before asking specific or intrusive questions. Also, consider using customer feedback tools, and letting our team at konnectme set up the process, so that you can collect customer reviews in a convenient, efficient manner. If customer feels like their opinion matters and has been listened to, then there is a good chance they will return at some point in the future.

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