Gym Marketing While closed down?

gym marketing while closed

Some Gym owners have totally abandoned their gym marketing while closed down, but the successful Gym owners who have been in business for more than 10 years realized that they can finally sit back and re-strategize because they have more free time now more than ever.

These seasoned gym owners are not waiting for things to ease up a bit, they are using this time to strategize and brainstorm for ideas to implement and crush their competitor when it’s time to reopen.

1. Ask yourself If your fitness website reflects the following:

Gym Marketing While closed

a. Is it on the first page of google when you search for “gym in your area”
b. User friendly and Mobile friendly
c. Did you publish blogs once a week?
d. Is your website ranking for the keywords that you want?
e. Was your google my business regulated and updated constantly?

2. Check your prospecting system

fitness studio digital marketing

a. Do you drip campaigns set up for members, referrals, and personal training clients?
b. How about prospects?
c. Did you think about review growth drip campaigns?
d. Do you have sales scripts ready?
e. What were the biggest objections you had before covid and can you handle them this time around?

3. Check your social media.

Gym Marketing While closed

a. Does your Instagram, facebook or any other social media platform have a hashtag sequence?
b. does your Instagram have a theme?
c. Do you have enough videos
d. Were your posting at least once a day?
e. Did you have a podcast set up?

4. Software and Ads

Gym SEO Strategy in 2021

a. Have you analyzed your monthly sales and created a pay per click strategy congruent to your sales?
b. Did you have a marketing calendar congruent to your promotions and ideas.
c. Did you have a marketing budget?
d. Did you have an automatic billing software that integrates with your prospecting CRM or Newsletter?
e. Do you have a marketing calendar planner?

5. Management

Gym Marketing While closed

a. Do you have an organizational chart for your employees and have clearly identified what their responsibilities are?
b. Do you have a detailed growth plan that stretches out to 5 years?
c. Were you analyzing your ROI and lead conversion every month?
d. Did you lead by example for all of your staff?
e. What other gaps do you need to work on when you reopen?

If you Answered no to at least 5 of these…

If you Answered no to at least 5 of these, then it means that you have a long way to go with your digital marketing strategy and that you might be overlooking more gaps that you thought.

If you are looking to reopen after the crisis is over and not get stuck doing nothing with your gym marketing while closed down, then you need to download our gym digital marketing checklist. We have updated it so our Gym Digital Marketing Checklist to reflect all changes in 2020.

Download here.