Martial Arts Marketing: These 3 things are hurting your lead generation

Martial Arts Marketing: These 3 things are hurting your lead generation

If you own a martial arts business and are looking to maximize your lead-generation, there are three strategies that you should avoid. Offering “buy now” options on your website, signing customers up for very long contracts, and offering no-catch free trials may seem like good ideas; however, they can actually hurt your bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at why these strategies are so damaging to your business.

Buy Now Options on your website: People usually want a tour first

Although it may seem beneficial to offer customers the ability to make purchases immediately online, this can actually be detrimental to your profit margin. Many potential customers prefer to come in for an in-person tour of your facility before making any major purchases. Doing so helps them feel more connected to the experience of training in your martial arts school. As such, try not to push people too hard into making a purchase from one visit; instead, focus on establishing relationships that will lead to long-term success.

Very Long Contracts: Anything over a year is an overkill.

On the other hand, you don’t want contracts that are too short either. While offering contracts over a year is an overkill for most martial arts businesses, it is important that you have some type of contract agreement with each customer so that both parties know what is expected of them throughout the course of their training. However, make sure that the terms of the contract aren’t too rigid or lengthy—you want it to be fair and reasonable for both sides while still protecting your interests as well.

No-Catch Free Trials: If you are giving free trials without any consequences, it’s hurting you.

Lastly, be wary when offering no-catch free trials; although this may seem like an attractive way to lure potential customers into your establishment, it can actually do more harm than good in the long run if those people never return after taking advantage of their trial period. Instead of giving away free classes without any strings attached, create incentives and discounts that will encourage people to stay longer rather than just use up their allotted time and never return again.

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Overall, there are several marketing strategies that can actively damage your lead generation efforts if used improperly or excessively. Be careful not to rely too heavily on “buy now” options on your website or no catch free trials; instead focus on creating value through quality services and reasonable contracts with each customer. With the right approach and attitude towards marketing, your martial arts business will surely thrive!