Gym Marketing Case Study #1. Who Uses Digital Marketing?

Gym Marketing Case Study

Using 10,000 gyms in Canada as a case subject, we did a Gym Marketing Case Study to see which gyms actually use Digital Marketing, and we think that the results will not surprise you.

First off, I would like to say that this gym marketing case study is made for our own research purposes and we can not guarantee the full accuracy if a third party may want to use it. We used 10,000 Canadian gyms, including big box corporate gyms and studios and facilities that offer martial arts, yoga, pilates, personal training and group classes.

Only 19% of the 10,000 Gyms is using their website to gain more members.

gym digital marketing case study

We found that only 58% (5,826) Gyms has a website and the other 42% (4,174) does not.
Using our Gym Digital Marketing Checklist, We then analyzed the 5,826 Canadian Fitness Websites, to see if they have the proven strategies and conversion elements, and we found that 95% (3,947) does NOT have a good conversion strategy.

What does this mean?
It means that only rough 19% (1,879) gyms is making a profit from digital marketing, and 36% (688) of the 19% are corporate gyms.

Which means:
Roughly 11.97% of privately owned gym is utilizing their digital marketing properly.

We Dug deeper in our Gym Marketing Case Study and looked at which of these gyms actually lasted 20 years in Business.

We found that with the 11.91% (1,191) Privately owned Gyms that has a website and a good digital marketing plan, 79% (944) has been in business for 20+ years.

What does this mean?
Rough 9% of all 10,00 gyms in Canada (688, of which are corporate) have been in business for more than 20 years and have a marketing plan to sustain their business.

Which means:
79% of Canadian Gyms are likely to be in business for more than 20 years if they were to implement a marketing plan.

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