Besides your fitness website or landing page, your ads are the essential part of your fitness studio advertising strategy. Here’s what you need to do to make them become an actual customer magnet.

Writing pay-per-click ads can be extremely challenging because you need to fit all your ad-copy. The ads are the first things visitors see on the search results to motivate them to click on your link.

You have to be creative and make sure your ads stand out from other advertisers to ensure that your potential customers want to visit your site. The bid to make your page Rank on Google search is not enough.

To make your ads compelling, you need to understand how to write unique Google ads that will bring you higher quality scores. This article will provide you the best tips for writing ad copy for Google Ads.

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Tip #1. Remember That Less is More

You don’t need a long description of why your fitness studio or personal training is the best. Consider explaining to your visitors what you want them to do in a straightforward and concise manner. Your potential members can make up their minds without reading a long dissertation. An excellent way to capture the customers is by including as few words as possible to motivate them to click.

Tip #2. Give Your Potential Member A Decision to Make

Don’t explain all 15 of your classes and membership options that are currently available. You should also refrain from asking the customer to do ten different things. 

Aim to give them a single decision that they need to make. 

Tip #3. Enter the Customer’s Mind

When you write your ad copy, don’t just write words. If you want to see a powerful impact on your PPC ad, integrate powerful words that make your copy interesting and compelling.

Your fitness studio advertising strategy should tell your prospects what they are thinking of. You can do this by understanding your demographic’s wishes, apprehensions, and fears. It is important to include what your prospects think of feel in your ad. You can include things like upfront pricing, guaranteed satisfaction, upfront pricing, and many more.

One thing that calls customers is good customer service, reliable service delivery, quick and ample delivery. One of the biggest gym member’s fear is unreliable customer service. Make sure your ad copy addresses the factors above.

Tip #4. Leverage Your Call Out Extensions

Ad extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are additional texts that can extend the ad copy. Extensions such as callout extension, message extension, location extension, or site link extension may expand a one-line ad, giving customers more reasons to choose your website.

It doesn’t end there.

Most ad extensions enhance click-through rates and relevancy scores. This means that you will have your ad up at a lower cost because customers are attracted and satisfied with your site.

Therefore, you need to twerk your ad to take up to two or more spaces. You can use different types of extensions, such as location or callout extensions.

Tip #5. Testing your ads is a vital part of your fitness studio advertising strategy in 2022

Testing your copy is an important part of PPC marketing. When you create an effective PPC ad, you should test to ensure that everything functions as intended. In most cases, you will have to make adjustments to the ad copy before you see the results.

Testing is essential, especially if you are using location extension. Ensure the target market does not hurt your conversion rate. You can conduct different tests on your ads. You can start by figuring out the correct type of ad copy for your marketing. You can also test various elements on your ad page.

Tip #6. Make Sure the Ad Sends Prospects to a Relevant and Well-Created Landing Page

Landing pages are the first touch points a visitor has with your site, so it is crucial to create a great first impression and create an excellent experience for prospects.

Specifically, we are talking about landing pages and not the homepage. This is because landing pages are usually found using high-ranking searches or keywords, while homepages are found through social media or word of mouth.

Your landing pages should explain what is on the ad copy. This is because visitors that click your link will want to see something familiar that led them to the site. Additionally, ensure that you issue an attractive offer on the landing page to make it easy for customers to act.

Start Using Ad Retargeting to Your Advantage in 2022 for 2023

If you constantly test and review your Google Adwords, your campaigns will start to do better; You will notice some changes that include attracting more customers to your website.

Ad copies may seem minute, but they are essential in attracting customers and creating more sales for your business. Craft a strong Google ad and get to enjoy the benefits.

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